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Applicant background checks in the area of employment are used extensively in law enforcement and various government agencies.

These industries have found detailed background investigations are a key piece in the hiring process. Background investigations are a growing trend in private sector hiring as well. Testing and interviews are limited to the information the applicant gives and their skill at testing or interviewing.

Quite frequently, applicants knowingly avoid disclosing information that might disqualify them from employment. Testing and interviews do not always reveal the past and current issues or bad acts an applicant may be involved in that can cause future civil liability.

If your company is involved in providing services to clients that involve little supervision, handling of sensitive information, high dollar assets or working “offsite” in a client’s home or place of business a background investigation is key to the protection of your company’s best interest. A less than diligent hiring process can lead to civil litigation including allegations of negligent hiring. I have been the subject of multiple background investigations as well as having conducted numerous background investigations in the government sector.

I have held a top-secret SCI clearance with the military and federal agencies. I understand the need for completing a thorough background investigation with the utmost discretion while protecting the applicant’s privacy. I can tailor an investigation to your company’s needs.   

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