Private Investigation

General Private Investigations can include a variety of techniques to accomplish a defined goal.

These can include a combination of field interviews, accident scene photographing and documentation, as well as techniques used in Skip Tracing and Background Investigations.

Polygraph examinations can be incorporated to achieve the end goal as well. The information gathered during an investigation may be needed for some type of civil court proceeding or other personal needs. I have conducted hundreds of follow-up investigations as a police detective.

Through my experience I have conducted hundreds of interviews of victims, witnesses and suspects of many different felony and misdemeanor crimes. I have presented cases for prosecution in Municipal, State and Federal Courts in Missouri, Washington, Oklahoma and Tennessee. I have testified in those courts as well.

I have the training and experience to complete through, detailed investigations to assist you. I have the skills and ability to conduct a wide variety of investigative techniques then document them in clear, concise reports and present that information in a court proceeding if necessary.

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