Skip Tracing Service

Skip Tracing is a search for someone who has disappeared to avoid some type of negative consequence.

Skip refers to the person who has disappeared or “skipped town”. Tracing refers to the search or tracking of the individual who has disappeared.

Skip tracing has historically been associated with a search for men or women who have skipped town to avoid paying child support or disappeared to avoid appearing in court for criminal prosecution. However, it can be used to locate someone for a variety of reasons.

Skip tracing involves researching government records, news media or any other resource that might contain historical records of an individual’s whereabouts. If not done properly, the process can be time consuming and frustrating with a good probability of failure. My associates and I have the experience and resources to conduct a search efficiently and accurately with a high probability of success. Every situation is different and unique. Please contact me if you have questions about this service.   

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