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Polygraph is an investigative technique used to assist in obtaining the truth. Polygraph is, literally, the physiological detection of deception.

Polygraph uses the body’s physiological responses to stimulus to detect deception in response to a structured series of questions. While there are some who decry it’s accuracy, virtually all federal agencies and many larger state and municipal governments in the United States rely on it for applicant hiring, internal investigations and criminal investigations. Many other countries throughout the world use polygraph for the same purposes as in the U.S. It is considered to be quite accurate and effective.

Polygraph can be used outside of government settings for applicant testing, fidelity testing, testing in conjunction with counseling, as well as allegations of criminal activity. Not everyone is suitable for participating in a polygraph exam. Private industry is limited by the Employee Polygraph Protection Act (EPPA) in when an employee can be asked to submit to a test. I have conducted more than 250 polygraph tests covering preemployment applicant testing, criminal testing, fidelity testing as well as testing in conjunction with counseling. If you feel you might need a polygraph exam feel free to contact me to discuss your situation. All discussions are confidential.     

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